“A common struggle builds an uncommon bond”

Posted: May 21, 2017 in cave strong, cave strong nation, motivation, power lifting, strongman, the Cave, veteran-owned

This is the motto for our men’s weightlifting club called Iron Brotherhood

One of the reasons this club was formed was to bring guys together through various types of strength training.

Many guys are totally isolated these days, except the “fake world” of social media.

Men left to themselves often times self-destruct.

They go home very day and put up their walls and forget everyone else.

One thing I see many guys relate to is brotherhood, and they rarely find it outside of the military. Military friendships often are lifetime friendships; but it takes more than texting or messages on Facebook.

Guys need to fighting for something side by side. Once they are in the civilian world, that type of experience is rare. First Responders, Fire Fighters and Law Enforcement guys share a level of friendship and trust that others will never know about.

Our club gives guys a chance to battle the iron together. No, it is not combat or running into a burning building or chasing down the bad guys; but it is what we can offer here in our community, and it works.


  1. The word common in “common struggle” reminds me that we are deep down more like brothers than we may realize. The word struggle in “common struggle” hits home with me because I have known my personal share of it and found out it was never meant to be a struggle on my own.

    Keep it coming then coach and God let us be a part of it!

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