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Posted: October 31, 2014 in cave strong, strength & conditioning, Underground Strength
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The first time I ever served as an assistant instructor in martial arts was still a teenager. When I became an adult, a few years later, I was running my own classes. Now I coach strength & conditioning at my own gym
Over the last several decades of teaching, training, and coaching people in both the military and civilian worlds some things have stood out as “non-negotiable”.

I love to coach or I wouldn’t still be doing it. I am very selective about who I coach now, and many do not measure up. This helps everyone I do to move towards their goals well, without time being wasted.
Classes should flow from one exercise to the next. I find that this helps everyone get the most out of each session.

Here’s a short list of “non-negotiables” that make that possible

  • show up ready to work hard
  • no cell phones during class
  • keep talking to a minimum (socializing can be done when we are done training)
  • work with the assigned loads & exercises without changing them because you just want to do it your way
  • no whining
  • shut up and lift!


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