What our testing is showing us so far

Posted: January 14, 2017 in cave strong nation, coaching, fitness, mental toughness, motivation, Uncategorized
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We are just over 1/2 way through our quarterly strength/work capacity tests, and overall everyone is doing quite well.

Both strength and work capacity have improved as our training records have proven.

There are still some technique issues to correct, but that is not the biggest issue I am seeing (though it is vitally important).

The biggest issue is the mental side of it, and these are the key areas:

  • fear
  • lack of confidence
  • lack of focus
  • over-thinking

Getting people stronger will never be just about the number of pounds or reps alone.

It will be how much stronger mentally we can help people to become.

I often tell people, who lack confidence, to give themselves permission to be strong.

The ones who fear getting under heavier weights are capable of so much more, but they limit themselves.

The distracted people need to concentrate on the rep immediately in front of them and nothing else.

Those with “paralysis of analysis” just need to breathe, brace, and lift, nothing more.

My job is draw forth the best I can from each person for their own benefit.

That I will do!


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